August 10, 2009

Honduran UD party and the FARC connection

César Ham, UD presidential candidate
amazingly healthy looking for a dead man

Well, well, well. Guess what else those FARC (the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) computers had?

According to Mary Anastasia O'Grady of the Wall Street Journal, those computers which showed that FARC financed Ecuador's President Rafael Correa election campaign also show that the UD party of Honduras have narcotrafficking connections.
The FARC is a major player in the cocaine trade, and documents found in computers captured by the Colombian military in a raid last year on a FARC camp in Ecuador show that the rebels have been active in Honduras. A number of those documents came into my possession last week. One is a March 2005 letter to the now-deceased rebel leader Raúl Reyes from another FARC honcho. It provides a list of “political contacts” that have been established around the region and in Spain to provide “support” and help “coordinate the work” of the FARC.

Honduras’s Partido de Unificación Democrática (UD) is on the list. The party has only a small representation in Congress, but it is the only political party that supports the return of Mr. Zelaya. Wherever there are violent demonstrations and roadblocks advocating for Mr. Zelaya, the UD is there.
I have a feeling that there are going to be several union leader names on that list, too.

César Ham of the UD party is the presidential candidate who was reported murdered by the police on June 28 by the unethical Radio Globo station which promotes violence to its listeners. Ham has since come out of hiding though he is still reported as a victim by many of the fake "human rights" websites.

On July 27, police found a list of names of labor leaders and government functionaries with corresponding amounts totaling US $160,000 in the car of Carlos Eduardo Reina, son of the ex-Ambassador of Honduras to the UN, Jorge Arturo Reina.

César Ham's name was on the list with a signed receipt for $15,000. That amount of cash in US dollars could not be traced to any banks and it was suspected that the cash was for
payments to the pro-Zelaya protesters and supporters at the border and came from Venezuela or drug money.

I had a fear that if Mel Zelaya returned before the elections, César Ham would win, even though there is no chance in the world that he could have won in an honest election.

But, oh wait. That's right, for a moment I forgot that the OAS, UN, US, and EU want Honduras to have a law-breaking, narcotrafficking president since they know what is best for Honduras.

Read the entire Wall Street Journal article
The FARC's Honduran Friends.
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