August 17, 2009

Zelayistas attack a 71-year-old man

This may not be one of the most serious acts of the Zelayistas, but it is definitely one of the most shameful.

A masked Zelayista sprayed Ramón Velásquez, vice president of the National Congress, with water and then kicked him. As Congressman Velásquez turned to look, another man ran up and kicked him again.

Immediately another Zelayista, a head taller than the 71-year-old, ran up and grabbed him as if to choke him and also kicked him.

Four others came running, surrounded him and began hitting and kicking at him.

Thankfully some nearby citizens, including women, gathered round him to protect him and keep the cowardly attackers away.

Shortly after the attack, Velásquez said that he was okay. He said he was going to the Congress when the mob attacked him, but the police and soldiers rescued him from his aggressors, "who didn't cause me too much harm."

Hondurans generally show great respect to those of the 'third age'. Regardless of his politics, this is someone's grandfather. Shameful!
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