August 15, 2009

Honduras, free, sovereign, and independent

Julio asked to spread his message (on Facebook) so I am:

Honduras, libre, soberana e independiente

by Julio Rivera Gaekel
Friday, July 24, 2009

Good day, I am a law student in Honduras. Manuel Zelaya Rosales, our former president, tried to return to Honduras in his attempts to regain power. Today I was watching CNN en español and the interviewed former vice president of Costa Rica. He said that both sides are not willing to negotiate nor fight correctly because Honduras' new government did not arrest Manuel Zelaya as they said they would. The thing most people dont know is that between in the Honduras - Nicaragua border there is a certain distance inside each country called dead zone or free zone. I don't know its name in english. In this area Honduran government couldn't arrest Mr. Zelaya. That is why he did not walk further into the country.

I am a supporter of the new Honduran Government. I am a nacionalista, name given to the followers of partido nacional political party, but in these days its not a matter of colors or views, its about the well being and safety of our country, and that is why I support President Micheletti.

The actions taken by military officials today are a demonstration of how correctly we are acting, always within the law, protecting against foreign and domestic enemies. Mr. Zelaya was breaking laws and disrespecting our country, but he has the support of many people who he pays Lps. 500 (+/-$23) per manifestation. Mr. Zelaya want to be portrayed as a martyr and a hero when he is the opposite. Causing to shed blood between Hondurans. What President that loves, fights and lives for the people wants it to suffer?

I call for international community to understand what we are fighting for, and help us defend our democracy. To stand up with us against a tyrant. As Edmund Burke said: "All that's necessary for the forces of evil to win in the world is for enough good men to do nothing"

P.S. Don't live history, make history and say what you think. How will the international community know what is going on if we don't let them know? Spread this message with your contacts and better yet give them your own. We are Honduras.

Julio Rivera Gaekel
Law Student UNICAH
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