August 3, 2009

Hugo Chávez discusses the handling of protesters

This video shows Hugo Chávez giving his recipe of how Venezuelan protesters should be handled − throw gas on them and put them in prison − in this January 2009 video. The video is in Spanish, of course, but below is a translation of the highlights.

But please watch the video to get a flavor of what life under Hugo Chávez is like. This is why Hondurans feel so strongly that they will stand against the world for six months or as long as it takes to insure that this doesn't become the reality of their lives.

Can this really be the kind of democracy that the UN, OAS, and US wants for Honduras?

Translation of the highlights of Chávez's remarks:
What doesn't look good to me, is that the police look like pendejos (an insult meaning idiot or worse).

They (the protesters) push them, insult them, spit on them (the police) and they do nothing.

Throw gas on them!

Throw gas on them and dissolve any Guarimba (protest).

They can't try to divide us as a government!

It can't be permitted! It can't be permitted!

They have to be detained!

Don't wait for me to give permission (to police, military). Do your job! If the police commander doesn't do his job, throw him out and get someone who will!

How can the police stand there like pendejos? The protesters spit in their faces, hit them.

I'm giving an order one time...After this moment, anyone who sets a fire, blocks a road, or threatens us, throw gas on them and put them in jail!

Put them in jail! Throw gas on them. If the police don't do their job, I'll be rough with those responsible.

I'm not going to permit it!

Know this: anyone who assaults citizens, who assaults police and military is committing a crime! Anyone who blocks roads is committing a crime! Anyone who starts a fire is committing a crime! They have to be put in jail!
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