August 8, 2009

4.5 Earthquake north of Tela

Aug 8, 2009 earthquake Honduras
We had a 4.5 offshore earthquake at 5:33 a.m. this morning. I can only give you that exact data because of the Sismos en Nicaragua website.

We've actually had at least four or five earthquakes in the past 5 weeks that were big enough to be recorded but the USGS Earthquake site doesn't recognize our country or our earthquakes anymore. They only show one − way out in the ocean − for the past 30 days.

This earthquake was kind of a double rumble but not as strong as the last one I wrote about. It sounds a little like thunder but coming from the ground. Sometimes I hear it before I feel it. Quakes always seem to roll by under the house, but then, after a split second, this one did it again. It gave us a pretty good shake here in La Ceiba and rattled the windows like crazy. The quake was strong enough to wake up El Jefe who jumped out of bed. (heheheh) Not a fun way to wake up! We are pretty well used to these small ones by now but I always hold my breath wondering if it will be another big one like the 7.3 that hit Honduras in May.

Earthquakes, hurricanes, coups d'etats. Ho hum. Nothing scares me anymore.

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