August 20, 2009

Silvia Ayala left in shame

Congresswoman Silvia Ayala, UD (FARC) party
Photo: La Tribuna, Honduras

After being caught in her ridiculous lies yesterday, UD Congresswoman Silvia Avayla fled to Mexico, along with an official of the UD political party, Martín Penera, denouncing that human rights violations and media pressure have made her leave. (Google translation)

"We are subject to media and political terrorism," said Ayala.

Yes, I believe that it is true in most countries − not Venezuela, of course, but most countries that when a politician is caught in several big, fat lies, the media goes nuts over it, don't they? Not to mention the possible FARC ties of the UD political party.

Ask yourself this: what would happen if your senator made a human rights accusation against the government of Barack Obama saying that he or she was forcefully denied entry to the congress, was assaulted, and was not paid his salary....and later it was found to be totally false? Did you think that the media would be interested? Hah! Talk about media persecution! I imagine that he would do the honorable thing and resign. Not Silvia, though.

I see that outrageous claims are being made to the CIDH human rights commission, but I just don't understand how these fools thought they could get away with something as easily proven false as whether they received a paycheck or not. Personally, as poor as Honduras is, as much need as there is in this country, I don't think any government employee who doesn't go to work should get paid.

Ayala accused the media of "inciting hate against the principal actors." Whoa there! You can't have it both ways. Either media outlets that promote hate − of which we have at least two in Honduras, both generously funded by Mel Zelaya's government − should be controlled, or we should have freedom of the media.

Click to enlarge the graphic. Of the recorded presidential publicity payments (it is believed that there were many more payments related to the cuarta urna), one person, Esdra Amado López of Channel 36 received 34%, Eduardo Maldonado of Radio Globo received 19%, and the other 39 radio and television stations received 47%. Needless to say, these two two well-paid people spew hate and promote insurrection.

Ayala's charge is baseless anyway. Read the article for yourself in Spanish or a Google translation to English. There is no hate in the article.

Please keep this one small example in mind when you read about human rights violations in Honduras.

Double standard. Double standard. Double standard. Double standard. Double standard. Double standard. Double standard. Double standard. Double standard. Double standard. Double standard. Double standard.
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