August 21, 2009

The preliminary OAS human rights report

The commission determined that the majority of the zelayista protests were peaceful, except for the burned bus, the burning of the fast food restaurant, and the attack on Congressman. That should tip you off right there that they don't have any idea of what has really been going on in Honduras.

Everything the protesters did is the fault of the state and even children's rights can be trampled if you are upset about losing your president.

The commission stated that four deaths were likely to be the fault of the state, thousands of people were arbitrarily detained, and that excessive force was used injuring dozens. There was more, but the sound was so bad that I couldn't catch it all.

I guess we can be grateful that they didn't seem to buy the stories of death squads, concentration camps, cells of death, massacres, and rivers of blood that the zelayistas have falsely claimed.

I feel like robbing a bank. I wouldn't be my fault.
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