August 21, 2009

The chain of events in the days before June 28

The following comment was received on my US Ambassador Hugo Llorens knew everything article, from a person who aptly calls him/herself "Person who knows a lot of S...."

1) Mel Zelaya asked for the meetings between his team and other leaders of the Liberal Party.

2) Mel Zelaya asked Hugo Llorens to serve as an Impartial Observer.

3) From Mel Zelaya's side the first Meeting was attended by Patty Rodas, but due to that she does not let anybody talk, Zelaya took Enrique Flores and Enrique Reina to the next Meetings.

4) From the other side, the participants were Roberto Micheletti, President of Congress, Elvin Santos, Candidate for the Liberal Party, and Carlos Flores ex-President of Honduras.

5) Four meetings took place.

6) Zelaya's side advocated that what they were doing was Historic, that changing the old Constitution that was controlled by "Los Grupos de Poder," would change Honduras forever. That through la "cuarta urna" the people would finally be able to have the power and the voice that they never had, and that now more than ever the poor, marginalized people of Honduras, were demanding for a New Constitution.

7) The other side stated that the Constitution was not the problem. That the problem was the politicians that did not uphold the constitution; that Honduras would be a different country if it became a country governed by laws and not by men. That the current constitution with its imperfections just like any other, was to be respected and obeyed, that one of Honduras's problems was that those who ruled Honduras would change the constitution with a new one in order to be more time in power. They stated that what Mel Zelaya was doing was unconstitutional and illegal.

8) During the 3rd meeting an agreement was reached where the question which was to be asked on June 28th would not be one where a National Constituent Assembly will be convened. Rather one where a commission would be formed in order to better and perfect the current constitution.
Note: Hugo Llorens has THIS DOCUMENT. All sides agreed that he would be the one to keep possession of the document. All participants signed the document.

9) Mel Zelaya asked for a 4th meeting, where he stated that the question had to be of convening a Constituent National Assembly in order to write a New Constitution. It seems like Mel Zelaya had a talk with Chavez.

10) On Thursday June 25th, after Zelaya led a Mob to steal confiscated Ballots, Hugo Llorens called Micheletti, to tell him that Thomas Shannon, from the State Department had told him that the Obama Administration, would only recognize Mel Zelaya, that there was absolutely NO WAY that the USA government would recognize another government except Mel's. Before anything happened President Obama had already made up his mind.

11) On the afternoon of June 27th, the Supreme Court of Honduras voted 15-0 to remove Mel Zelaya from office, and ordered the Honduran Armed Forces to execute an arrest warrant.

12)Gustavo Bustillo, one of the 15 Magistrates to the Supreme Court, informed people close to President Zelaya of the Court's Decision.

13) Mel Zelaya knew that the next day, the Honduran Armed Forces were going to execute the arrest warrant and arrest him.

14) Zelaya then proceeded to talk with Papi Chavez; Chavez gave him certain orders for him to follow during the next hours, knowing that his arrest and detention were unstoppable. What could those instructions or orders have been?

15) Zelaya asked the members of the "Guardia Honduran Presidential" to go home that night, for them to arrive in the early morning. Only 2 "Cobras" from the Presidential Guard, were guarding Mel's house that early morning.

16) Zelaya was given enough time to get dress that morning, but he refused.

16 part II) Zelaya asked to be taken to Costa Rica.

17) Zelaya provided the Honduran Armed Forces with his resignation letter dated June 25th for unknown reasons.

18) Hugo Llorens had been drinking with friends the night before. He woke up that day until 9:30 am; the State Department had been calling him for Hours.

19) Llorens immediately yelled "Coup, Coup, Coup."

20) Well we all know the story from here on out.
You can believe me or not, I do not care, but I have to say I know my s.....


It certainly sounds like 'Person who....' does know a lot of....stuff. This described what I've read and heard on the interview with some added details. It also includes several things that make more sense to me than what has been reported, especially as to what was reported by Mel Zelaya on Sunday, June 28.

The only discrepancy that I noticed was that I thought that I heard Micheletti say that there were three people from the Liberal party in addition to himself. Maybe I misheard the interview or maybe there were different persons in the four meetings.

The US is on the wrong side of this issue. By taking the stand that they have, they are acting against the constitutional government of Honduras. I call this interference in the sovereignty of another nation. The US has been wrong before and unless they change their position, history will show that they were wrong here. While US President is passing out apologies, how about sending one Honduras' way?

Hey, Person, feel free to send me more s..., errr, stuff anytime. Thanks.
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