August 22, 2009

The good teachers

Photo: La Prensa, Honduras

I just saw a story on the news − a real feel good story. A kindergarten teacher in Choloma has been teaching her class all along, despite what the unions say.

Someone burned her school and there is no money to fix it, so she gathered up all the little desks and chairs, filled up her living room with them, and continues to teach her class in her house.

"I don't care. I don't care what they do or say. I love the children. They need to learn so I'm going to teach them."

She isn't the only one. Other teachers disgusted with their unions and locked out of their schools by the directors are holding classes around their kitchen tables. So is my brother-in-law.

Many schools are and have been operating normally. Parents are very proud of those teachers for doing the right thing for the children despite threats from the unions. Some schools are even guarded by parents, operating in shifts, to ensure that these teachers and their children are not menaced by the unions.

A San Pedro Sula mother has more to say:

My letter to UNICEF
Teachers Are Violating International Law
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