August 13, 2009

A wise Latina's view on Honduras

The Chávez gang

No, not that wise Latina, a different one. Why should you care what Maria in NYC thinks about the Honduran situation? Because she has lived it. She starts her excellent overview of the situation with this:

As a Latin American who grew up there and is constantly traveling between my new home country, the US, and my native one in Latin America, closely following events in the region, political and otherwise, I can talk about this subject with the authority of someone who has experienced the very situation that the Hondurans are trying to avoid by having deposed Zelaya.

I speak to you as a world citizen, born and raised in one of those countries in Latin America, currently ailing of the Chavez/Boliviarian dictatorship which rose under the thin guise of democracy. As a very young child I remember living through military coups, martial law, elections and have seen first hand how politics in Latin America is a fight of life and death many times. Through my life here in the states I have come to appreciate the politics of this country I now call home, the gift that is the Declaration of Independence, the American Constitution, its Amendments and the freedoms the wise founding fathers of this country fought for over two hundred years ago.

Please continue reading The Situation in Honduras - A Latin American Point of View. Her article goes much deeper to the core of the issue here in Honduras than most and explains that there was much more at stake than just an opinion poll or another six months of Mel Zelaya.
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