August 21, 2009

How low can you go?

Hugo Chávez, the teacher

How low can you go?

Pretty low when you are a zelayista teacher who has the power over children's minds.

Now that the zelayista teachers have agreed to teach three days a week, they are using those days to indoctrinate school kids and flunking them if they don't give the required zelayista answers. (Google translation)

For example, this kid wrote that "The Honduran people have the right to: democracy." WRONG! "The Honduran people have the right to: insurrection" is the correct answer.

Questions include:

What does coup d'etat mean?

What was the date of the coup d'etat?
What role did businessmen have in this political conflict?

Explain how the constitutional order was broken.
What influence does Hugo Chavez have in this political conflict?

Why do the Christian leaders support the usurper government?

For the question, What is curfew?, one student answered that "It is when the government orders that no one can go out for the security of the citizens.....
WRONG! The correct answer is "Curfew is when the usurper government restricts our right to free circulation."

The Federation of Parents were finally allowed to present a report of complaints to the CIDH commission (OAS human rights group).
Many parents and teachers are demanding the removal of the school directors who have prevented children from attending school and the Minister of Education has announced that teachers who have not worked during this period will not be paid. In one school, zelayistas attacked other teachers who were teaching against orders of the union. Several students were injured.

Guess where the orders came from? The teachers are following the Chávez education indoctrination plan. The following is translated from the ALBA website:
Meanwhile, the Federation of Teacher Organizations of Honduras (FOMH) informed that the teachers returned to classes Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and the other days of the week, they will return to incorporate in the manifestations in the streets.

Union leader Jaime Rodríguez affirmed that the teachers and professors in the schools also move forward a campaign to explain to students and parents of the families the necessity to recuperate the constitutional order.

For a scary view of Chavez's new education reform in Venezuela, see this Economist article:
Hugo Chávez seeks to catch them young.
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