August 6, 2009

Chávez: Zelaya will return to Honduras in the next hours

Hugo Chávez

According to Hondudiario, Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez just announced from La Paz, Bolivia, that Manuel Zelaya will return to Honduras in the next hours to return to power.

"Zelaya said in the next hours, he will enter Honduras. Since we are with Zelaya, we have to support him," said Chávez minutes before entering the Presidential Palace of La Paz to meet with Evo Morales.

Chávez reiterated his rejection of President Roberto Micheletti because he is "incapable of governing Honduras" and qualifies the members of his government as being "bandidos that are destroying the social projects pushed by Zelaya".

"We already see what those gorillas are going to do. there is a country that has almost all of its roads locked up, the country is paralyzed, it is a country ungovernable," said Chávez − without knowing the other truth of Honduras, added Hondudiario.
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