August 24, 2009

Who writes this stuff?

Who writes this stuff? From the NY Times:
"The OAS is pressuring the interim government to accept the San Jose accord, a plan proposed by Costa Rican President Oscar Arias that would return Zelaya to power until elections are held by the end of November and would grant amnesty both to Zelaya for any alleged crimes and to those involved in the coup."

So do the people who write these articles about Honduras under the guise of the Associated Press have to know anything at all about Honduras? Do they need to read the San José Accord to actually have some knowledge of what it says? Apparently not, and neither does the NY Times take any responsibility for the accuracy of its information.

If Zelaya was only going to be returned to power until the November elections, that presumes that Honduras will have NO president until January 27 when the newly elected president takes office.

Also, the San José Accord only grants Zelaya political amnesty, not criminal amnesty.

At least they got the purpose of the OAS trip right. It isn't to listen to the parties involved, it is to pressure the government to reinstate Zelaya as president.
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