November 29, 2009

Election day - Honduras

Lined up to vote
Photos: El Heraldo

After three days of darkness and rain, the sky is blue and the sun is shining brightly through the scattered clouds.

Television coverage showed dozens of people lined up outside various polling places at 6 a.m.! (the polls opened at 7 a.m.)

La Tribuna reported that resistance members were blocking access to one polling place − more illegality from the resistance who will later claim that the elections weren't valid because people were prevented from voting. Hopefully, the police or military will dislodge them quickly.

Reported in all of the Honduran newspapers is that US Ambassador Hugo Llorens stated in an interview yesterday (one day before the election) that the elections have much legitimacy because the candidates were selected last year, the process started months ago, the Tribunal Supremo Electoral is autonomous, blah, blah, but we are going to wait see what happens. He also said that people who don't want to vote should be respected − but did not suggest that those who want to vote should not be threateed and intimidated by the resistance. The articles received a lot of "Hypocrite!" comments from readers. He will not be forgiven.

Israel joined the list of countries who will recognize the Honduran elections. Japan announced that it will donate US $2 million to help with the election costs, since the usual sources did not. The costs will cost approximately US $24 million this year, partly due to innovations as well as extra security measures needed because of zelayistas and problems with the consulates in the US.

Mel Zelaya has emphatically denied that he plans to ask for asylum. Rumors had it that he was going to ask for asylum in Brazil, and then Nicaragua. Either of those countries deserve him, especially Brazil. I doubted those rumors because I know how Mel thinks. He's still waiting for a catastrophe to befall his beloved country today to save him.

More later....

Viva Honduras! Viva Democracy!

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