November 9, 2009

Zelaya in June 25 video

Mel Zelaya whips the crowd into a frenzy (video)

On June 25, Mel Zelaya declared that the court has committed a coup d'etat against him by ordering the restitution of General Romeo Vásquez Velasquez. The court said that the general could not be fired for refusing to follow an illegal order. The court also ordered the illegal election materials to be confiscated.

In the above video, Zelaya says the court is only for the powerful, the rich, and the bankers. He declares the court to be illogical, illegal, and illegitimate and says that the court is an embarrassment for Honduras. He accuses the court of interfering in other powers of state

Zelaya accuses the court of associating with the other barbarians in the congress "who don't represent anyone". He says that the court has decided that the military can govern themselves and that they don't defend the President anymore. He says that they are violating the rule of law.

He tells the crowd that "right now we are going to board the buses to go on a mission to guarantee the law." "No one is going to stop the poll on Sunday!"

"In every country the president is the head of the armed forces. When the military rebels, we are returning to the darkest moments in the history of Honduras (of military rule). I'm making a call to the joint chiefs of the armed forces: don't play this game of the media and economic oligarchy of Honduras."

From the Presidential Palace, the crowd boarded buses, trucks, and cars and went to the military base, broke open the gates and stole the ballots.

President Zelay leads a mob (video)

In this video, you can see the mob led by Zelaya to steal the confiscated election materials. He describes it as the public exercising their constitutional rights. Against the court order, General Prince turned over the election materials to the mob to avoid violence.

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