November 27, 2009

On his knees and other candidate news

Adán Fúnez, Mayor of Tocoa, Colon

On his knees (literally!), the mayor of Tocoa and candidate for reelection, Adán Fúnez, renounced the resistance and asked forgiveness of the Liberals who he offended. He pledged his support of Liberal party candidate Elvin Santos and urged everyone to vote on Sunday.

UD and zelayista presidential candidate César Ham decided not to withdraw from the elections last week and is no longer promoting boycott of the elections. His platform includes a constitutional assembly. This was a serious blow to Zelaya who hoped to be able to point to the withdrawal of both opposition candidates as "proof" that the elections were not fair. Ham's action may be the most patriotic of all of the candidates as it will show that the opposition/resistance/zelayistas do have a choice in the elections and will prove once and for all whether or not they represent a majority of the population.

Approximately 40 Zelaya-supporting candidates officially withdrew from the elections, representing around 1% of the total candidates. Most were immediately replaced with other candidates by their political parties, as is allowed under Honduran election law.
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