November 29, 2009

Online Honduras election coverage

No hat is going to take away my right to vote!
Hat: Boycott elections

Lots of ways are available to keep up with the Honduran election coverage no matter where you are.

Honduran newspapers:

El Heraldo (Twitter, Facebook)
La Prensa (Twitter, Facebook)
Proceso Digital
La Tribuna (Twitter, Facebook)
El Tiempo

I've listed these in the order of the speed that I've generally seen them updated. El Heraldo and La Tribuna have Twitter-like updates in the sidebars in the 'Minuto a Minuto' columns. If you can't access these sites, please don't assume government interference! Try again a little later. Their sites often get overloaded during hurricane threats and other emergencies, as do the Honduran phone lines.

Polling places:

The Election Tribunal has a webpage with cameras in various locations where you can watch the action − or hopefully lack thereof. Reporters are also all over the polling places. CNN is probably out buying used tires, if you get my drift.

Online television

Here are some online sites where you can access Honduran television. Channels 5 (Televicentro), 6, 10, 11, and 12 will probably be the best bets for national election coverage. During the primaries, channel 10 (Abriendo Brecha) had the most election coverage.

TeleCatracha this one may be the best bet for a variety of stations.

LyngSat − this one also has a variety of stations

Justin TV

Channel 10 Abriendo Brecha news, generally has lots of election coverage

Televicentro (Channel 5)

Radio Globo for an opposition viewpoint

Still off the air as of Sunday morning is:

Cholusat Sur (Channel 36)

Sorry but I won't be able to help with questions. I suggest that you try them out earlier in the day to see what works best for you. I don't know how they work or what will be available today. If you have a good experience or any tips, feel free to leave a comment for other readers.

Coverage has already started! The polls close at 4 p.m.

Viva Honduras! Viva Democracia!
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