November 5, 2009

AP idiot experts

I ran across this in an AP article:
"I think it was sort of assumed that there was a deal with Congress to reinstate him," said Dana Frank, a historian at the University of California, Santa Cruz. "But the U.S. negotiators may have underestimated the sheer nutso chaos of Honduran politics."

No....the only chaos is in the international media who continually publish speculation and biased or flatly untrue reports and among "diplomats" and other "experts" who do not know what they are talking about. And it should be eminently clear to all by now that the only 'nutso' in Honduras is Zelaya, who puts his own selfish interests above all other interests of his country.

President Roberto Micheletti, the vast majority of the National Congress, the Supreme Court, the churches, the civic groups, the business community, the presidential candidates, former presidents, and the majority of the people of Honduras have been absolutely 100% consistent from June 28. Zelaya was removed constitutionally, he is a criminal, a corrupto, and a traitor, and they don't want him back in office under any circumstances.

"Institutional democracy" does not need to be restored in Honduras. Institutional democracy was threatened by Manuel Zelaya several times over the past years and that was corrected on June 28. Honduran democracy has since been threatened by many outside forces, especially those charged with protecting it, such as the OAS and UN, but Honduras remains strong and united.

To all: If what has been happening in Honduras doesn't make sense to you, it is because you do not understand that people are strong and determined when they know they are right! Honduras is united standing up for truth, democracy, and their sovereignty − maybe an unusual concept, but maybe everyone should try it.

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