November 1, 2009

The incredible Zelaya wastes no time

Already! Even before the formal Accord signing ceremony, Mel Zelaya, from his tin foil lined room, is once again giving ultimatums. And once again showing that he has no intentions of abiding by the Accord and certainly not with the spirit of unity and reconciliation.

Proceso Digital reports that in a radio broadcast one day after the negotiators signed the agreement in front of international witnesses, Zelaya said that if Congress does not reinstate him to office next week, the San José/Tegucigalpa deal "is a failure," while reminding the congressmen, judges, prosecutors, and military do not forget that they have pending trials in the International Criminal Court. [google translation]

Does that sound like a threat to those who are voting on whether or not to restore him? I have said that Zelaya will not respect any agreement. He cannot be trusted and that is exactly why Hondurans do not want him back.

The comments and reminders were issued from the Brazilian Embassy in a round table discussion with his advisors and was broadcast by a local radio station and for Aljazeera. (Note that the Aljazeera article omits several of the juicier tidbits.)

More from the Proceso Digital article:
Zelaya noted that the timetable for implementation of the agreements provides that a government of national unity and reconciliation should be installed by November 5th.

In his view, Congress should have resolved his reinstatement in office by that date, because according to him, "this agreement, this dialogue, the resolutions of the OAS and United Nations have only one purpose: to reverse the coup by placing the president who was in office illegally dismissed rightful."

"If the National Congress in the session you have, is going to reaffirm that what they did was appropriate, then, gentlemen, we have done absolutely nothing but deceived the international community and the Honduran people with this agreement," he said.

"I remind members of the Supreme Court that they themselves are accused before the International Criminal Court and have a pending indictment and it is an accusation which will run its course. The same is being processed for the state attorney general, the heads of the Armed Forces, Mr. Micheletti, with all ministers and their own national congressional directive," he recalled.

Additionally, his latest right-hand man Rasel Tomé, who has an arrest warrant waiting for him when he leaves the embassy, has urged Zelaya's followers to pressure congressmen by calling and posting themselves at the congressmen's homes.

So, is it obvious that Zelaya is not looking forward to a "government of unity and reconciliation", but rather is still plotting revenge against those he considers the perpetrators? It seems very clear to me that he will protest the Accord unless the congress rules in his favor.

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