November 27, 2009

This and that, November 27, 2009

Fausta of Fausta's Blog did a podcast (click above) about the Miami El Herald article, CARLOS ALBERTO MONTANER: Por qué Estados Unidos le quitó su apoyo a Zelaya (Why the US withdrew support for Zelaya). The El Herald article is in Spanish, but Fausta explains the article in English.

One of the reasons is a two-page US intelligence report describing Zelaya's complicity in corruption and narcotrafficking. A US State department rep told my source that this report was "frightening". When asked for a copy, the answer from the rep could be compared to "When pigs fly". Why is the US covering up for Zelaya?


Several ex-presidents and other important functionaries arrived yesterday in preparation for election observation. Ex-President of El Salvador Armando Calderon Sol had some very forceful words about Honduras' elections: "Other countries SHOULD respect Hondurans' right to vote. The OAS SHOULD recognize the elections."

The tally so far is that the US, Canada, Panama, Peru and Costa Rica will recognize the elections. Colombia will possibly do so as well. Funny story from my source: Zelaya was down in the dumps about the US's change in position. A top supporter tried to boost his spirits with, "But you have all those other countries." Zelaya whined, "Yeah, but the US is worth more than all those pendejos put together."

His loss of favor is apparently not only with the US. He remarked, "Por culpa de esa pendeja de Patty no quede bien ni con mi mama". Paraphrased, "Thanks to that pendeja Patty [Rodas], I don't sit well not even with my mama."


The TSE virtual election observer cameras will be turned on Saturday. You can be a virtual election observer here. Voters are also being encouraged to hang around the poll for an hour after they vote to observe. Voters are asked to report anything unusual to the officials or the security officers.

If you are a Honduran voter in Honduras, you can check your voting location by entering your ID card number here. You can only vote at the location for which you are registered.


We've been getting some serious rain storms here in La Ceiba. I hope the weather clears up by Sunday!


Serious problems on the La Gringa front: Several keys on my laptop keyboard quit working, including one that I need for my password to turn the computer on. I might be able to access my drafts from El Jefe's computer through the network but I can't even get Windows started up without the password. I can use his laptop when he takes pity on me, but I don't have my drafts, my files, my photos, my bookmarks, Firefox is set up differently, even the keys are in different places, I'm totally discombobulated here. Whaaaaaaaaaaaa!

If anyone wants to email me some articles or news bites, I'll post them when I have access to J's computer.

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