November 25, 2009

Canal 36 is off the air again

"Chanel 36 signal jammed
to prevent broadcasting/information

Despite the fact that the above screen would have you believe that the Honduran government has interfered with the broadcasting of Canal 36, last night I saw Esdras López and his sidekick state that they were taking themselves off the air "in a protest" just before this screen appeared. That was right after they passed on more hideous lies saying Roberto Micheletti was planning the murder of three people.

They indicated that they didn't know when they would return. My first thought was that they merely wanted to go home early and would be back today. My second thought was that it was a ploy to get the human rights groups to complain.

Last week, their story was that someone, probably the government they said, was broadcasting a parallel signal with old westerns and porn, preventing their broadcast. Somehow, I think that the government has better things to do. I thought their claim was ridiculous but it was dutifully reported by several news organizations, including Reuters. I just think that any sensible person would have a hard time believing anything this group says − maybe these news organizations have never listened to Canal 36.

I've often suspected that they would stop broadcasting intermittently and blame it on the government. Sure, it sounds crazy, but as far as I can tell from many tortuous hours of watching it, the station has absolutely no advertising. No reputable company would want to be associated with them, which makes a sensible person wonder just where their money has been coming from for the past 5 months. Many believe it is Venezuela. I had visions of them shutting down the station and going to lunch while they laughed at their viewers for believing them.

Good riddance. These people have no ethics or journalistic professionalism whatsoever. They make a mockery of freedom of the press and their viewers must be the most gullible people in the world if they actually believe their crazy stories, many of which have been proven false, yet viewers are ever-ready to believe the next story.

Those who support their being on the air should try listening for a long while first and think about whether this sort of thing would be allowed or even legal in their own country. They invent stories to manipulate their uneducated viewers.

Canal 36 is the true toxic gas in the airwaves of Honduras.

Follow up: Sure enough, the OAS dutifully reported and condemned this new "violation" of freedom of the press. The world is ruled by idiots.

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