November 19, 2009

Micheletti will temporarily step aside

President Roberto Micheletti
Photo: El Tiempo, Honduras

In a national television and radio broadcast tonight, Honduran President Roberto Micheletti encouraged all Hondurans, without exception, to vote on November 29. He said that the elections signify "peace and our future." He again promised that citizens will be safe and secure.

In a surprise move, Micheletti offered to absent himself from power temporarily from Wednesday, November 25 until December 2 to guaranty tranquility for the elections and assure that the focus is on the elections instead of the political crisis. He promised that during his absence, the government will operate completely normally with his council of ministers (cabinet) in charge.

He asked that this not be falsely and intentionally misinterpreted by those who, with their erratic conduct and their intent to provoke discord, take this as a sign of weakness in Honduras. To the contrary, he affirmed that he had absolute faith in institutions of government and the military to provide election security.

"If, lamentably, a general disruption to the order and security should occur that affects the peace of the nation and the tranquility of the Honduran people , don't have any doubt that I will immediately re-assume my functions," Micheletti reassured.

Micheletti also called upon "citizen Zelaya" to put peace for the country above his personal desires.

Earlier today, Micheletti asked Zelaya to avoid the "spilling of a drop of blood" during the elections and reiterated his offer to resign immediately if Zelaya would renounce his attempt to return to power.

I hope that some day, Roberto Micheletti is known as the great leader he has been for Honduras. I'm not sure that anyone else could have been as brave, strong, and sure.

Coming up, Zelaya's reaction!
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