November 3, 2009

Morales tells Insulza to shut up, in a nice way

Vilma Morales, former President of Honduran Supreme Court
Photo: La Tribuna, Honduras

Vilma Morales is tiny, but she's tough.

The following is my translation of a press release from the Casa Presidencial regarding Guaymuras spokesperson Vilma Morales' letter regarding OAS Secretary General José Insulza's interference in the implementation of the Accord:

Negotiating Commission of President Micheletti makes the second call to Sr. Insulza to maintain adequate distance from the Guaymuras Dialogue

For the second time in two weeks, the Negotiating Commission of President Roberto Micheletti before the Guaymuras Dialogue makes an energetic call to Secretary General of the OAS, José Miguel Insulza, to guard the appropriate distance from the details put in force of the accord derived from the dialogue.

A letter signed by the spokesperson of said commission, the attorney Vilma Morales, protested to Sr. Insulza that his declarations "could be used to plant doubt in our country." The letter continues, saying: "We write to you today to manifest our profound concern about your repeated public declarations with respect to the Tegucigalpa-San José Accord, which negatively impact the renewed spirit of cooperation and confidence created in our country."

In the missive, the attorney Morales criticizes the comments emited by Sr. Insulza during an interview with a radio station in Chile, which was reported by various news media. During the interview, Insulza said that "the only peaceful exit (in Honduras) is to restore President Zelaya for the short time that is left in his presidency."

Morales indicated that "We worry that these declarations could be considered an interference in a yet fragile process of resolution of crisis that is developing in our country. We consider furthermore that your comments are contrary to the letter and the spirit of the Accord Tegucigalpa-San José, which indicates textually that the National Congress has the last word to make a decision about the possible restitution of Sr. Zelaya to the presidency."

Before this situation, the negotiators of President Micheletti desire to clarify to the Secretary that "your declarations could be used to plant doubt in our country over the Accord and the ability of the OAS to be an impartial third party in this process, as is required by the signature of the involved parties."

In conclusion, the attorney Morales emphasizes that "our commission has acted with prudence and caution since the signing of the Accord, exactly to not hinder the process and the confidence created since the date of the signing. For this reason, we beg you (Insulza) and the functionaries of the your organization to do the same."


If you use this translation, please credit me and link back to this article.

You go, girl! We are behind you.

Background on Insulza's comments: See The Guaymuras Dialogues were a fraud

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