November 17, 2009

Zelaya's letter

Zelaya logic

Mel Zelaya's letter to Barack Obama was widely misreported or misinterpreted by the media within and outside of Honduras as claiming that he had renounced any intention to return to the presidency, when, of course, that was not the case. He renounced the Accord, not his claim to the presidency. I can only assume that the local media are using the same Chávez-style media disinformation tactics that Zelaya uses. He, as well as opposition media, have been so incessantly busy denying the statement that they haven't had much time to wreak havoc in other areas.

At this point in time, 71 days before the scheduled end of his term, any decent, patriotic person who loved his country and his people, no matter how much 'in the right' he thought he was, would offer to resign and work toward "unity and reconciliation".... uh, like for example Micheletti has done. Not Zelaya. His ego won't let him, though I can't imagine how his ego has survived 57 days of being locked in a foil-lined cage wearing the same clothes day after day. He really believes that his position as president is more important than any hell that Honduras could go through.

AP reports: "Ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya insisted late Saturday that he will not accept any deal to restore him to office if it means he must recognize elections later this month." Hasn't everyone from Honduras been saying that stopping elections and staying in power was and is Zelaya's ultimate goal? Aaron at Pensieve credits Zelaya for at least being more honest with this comment. See another Honduran's viewpoint at My Roatan.

Zelaya's letter (in English and Spanish) is posted on the fake Honduran Embassy website. You can find it right beneath the large graphic telling Hondurans not to vote - does that tell you anything about zelayistas attitude toward democracy? The actual Honduran Ambassador to the US was fired by Zelaya because he would not sign a loyalty agreement. I don't know who maintains this Zelaya propaganda site.

Most of the letter has not been quoted in the press. I suppose that even AP and Reuters have enough sense to know that much of what he claims is false. "I achieved the best economic indicators and the greatest reduction of poverty in the 28 years of democratic life...." Does anyone actually believe that? Even the UN has publicly disputed his manufactured statistics in the past.

Zelaya wrote that 3,500 people have been "detained". He and the human rights folks love that word 'detained' because it implies so much more than it is. If a police officer stops your car and checks your drivers license, you've been detained. If you are involved in a violent riot, are taken to the police station and then released, you've been detained. If you violated a curfew and had to spend the rest of the night sitting on a bleacher, you've been detained. But the word 'detained' sort of implies that you have been and still are illegally locked away somewhere devoid of all human rights, doesn't it? Even considering all of the above, the number is ridiculous, as are his completely unsupported numbers for injuries and murders.

Just like in the cartoon above, he takes his own unconstitutional failure to submit a 2009 budget and turns it into a strike against the "golpistas", saying that they are illegally spending funds because the (austere) budget passed by congress in July was not approved by himself.

Zelaya bides his time by plotting revenge against the coup plotters, who he has defined as virtually everyone within and outside of government. He frequently revels about the long prison terms they will serve. Interestingly, maybe because the congressional vote has not occurred yet, he has decided to remove the congressmen from his long list. He said that they were tricked into voting for his ouster by the "fake" resignation. Depending upon the outcome of the vote, I'm sure that list will be expanded by 100 or so names later.

In part of his rant on CholusatSur TV the other day, he ominously declared to his followers that "We must carry on to the ultimate consequences". He spent 15 or more minutes condemning the anti-democratic, fraudulent elections, which could not possibly be held with the people under military oppression. "It is a burla (mockery)! A bofetada (slap in the face) to the international community!" He spits out those words contemptuously. Corrrrrrecto!

He also said that he will not talk with any golpistas, ever. Another interesting thing is that when asked more than once about his visits from US State Department representatives, he always answered by reiterating Clinton's and Obama's previously stated position that he was the legally elected president and should be restored to office. He avoided referring to any discussions with others from the State Department, even when asked directly. To those of us who have known this man before June 28, that says a lot. If there was any scrap of support for denying elections, or indication of pressure against the golpistas, he would have been working that to the nth degree. Corrrrrrecto!

How anyone can still take this guy seriously is beyond me.

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