November 19, 2009

Zelaya's response to Micheletti's announcement

As soon as I heard Micheletti's speech, I switched the volume on Radio Globo knowing Mel Zelaya would be on to "program" his followers' reaction. Yup. Within about 15 minutes (he probably had to call Chávez first), there he was.

I took notes, but try as I might, turning the notes into coherent sentences was just impossible. I think the following will give you the flavor of Zelaya's rage.

Asked for his reaction to Micheletti offering to step aside temporarily:

It's a mockery of the entire Honduran pueblo, a slap in the face to the international community and all the Honduran people. It's a false retirement, a crude maneuver. He's trying to varnish this stain on democracy. He is trying to deceive everyone ... crude trick that offends Honduran democracy ... false maneuver to deceive fools ... stupid ... false ... failure ... false attitude ... hiding the truth ... regime of repression ... military dictatorship ... deceit ... largest crisis ever ... fake ... fraud! Correcto!

Asked for his reaction about the elections:

This is an illegal process, an electoral farce. These are false elections, fraudulent elections. It's grotesque. The elections will have to be repeated under a legitimate government. It's an electoral farce. The US ambiguous position is lamentable. I seriously question the government of President Obama.

Only the candidates who have resigned are the kind we want for the next 10 years. Correcto! This is an electoral farce. Fraud ... slap in the face for the Honduran people ... false ... stupidity ... illegal ... electoral farce ... etc. The OAS, the UN, everyone recognizes me as the legitimate president. They won't recognize the elections.

The crisis is not personal of Mel Zelaya. Electoral farce. If they can do this to me, the legitimate president imprisoned in the Embassy, imagine what they can do to you, to the poor people! No one has any rights. Dirty politics ... stain on democracy ... repression ... military oppression! We have no security. No one is going to vote. Oppression ... fraudulent elections. If there is a massacre, it will be their fault ... oppression ... dictatorship ... electoral farce!

We must maintain resistance against this persecution for your children. This is not democracy!


Well, sorry. That's the best I could do. ;-D

I guarantee you that "electoral farce" and "stain on democracy" will be the phrases of the day tomorrow on Radio Globo and CholusatSur. All of the callers will parrot back those phrases as if they thought of them themselves. Actually, if I check now, callers are probably already saying, "I won't vote because this is an electoral farce and a stain on democracy."

Will they feel the same way on Sunday morning? If so, will they be missed, or are they the same people which resulted in 45% absenteeism in the last election?

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