November 25, 2009

Tab dump, November 25, 2009

I saw the expression "tab dump" used on another blog and liked it. I generally have 20-30 tabs open, often more, so thought I would pass along some interesting articles I've been reading. I usually post articles on Facebook and Twitter but can't seem to find time to do it in more places than that.

Honduras This Week Online (HTWO): Mel's letter to Obama
By Marco Cáceres
"When you write a letter to someone, the assumption is that you intend for that person to read your letter. If Manuel Zelaya is expecting President Obama to read his recent rambling, grammatically-imperfect, five-page letter written in Spanish, I'm afraid he is in for a disappointment."

HTWO: The Uncharted Waters of Honduras
By Alexandra Dieckmann

"I have not found any other similar examples of countries reacting to prevent the threat to their freedom and their democracy. Not even Germany was able to do that when its people saw their elected president change the Constitution and become one of the most infamous dictators and tyrants the world has known."

My Roatan: Honduran Elections and President Micheletti
By Dr. Álvaro Felipe Albornoz P.

"But the truth is that in Honduras they met a wall of steel full of dignity and courage, they met the greatest, most beautiful, most decent and most democratic people in the world. The Hondurans are not just any people, there is no question about that. They are the most extraordinary gladiators of freedom, and when people are aware of the meaning of the word "freedom" no weapon, no country and no man can against prevail against them."

Bloggings by Boz: Zelaya's eight errors
This blogger has been an "anti-coup" from the beginning, but I agree with this article except for the first and last paragraphs. (Heheheh, you'll understand when you read it.) Boz doesn't seem to understand that these errors are not the exception, but the rule with Zelaya. The failures that Boz lists are only the tip of the iceberg. Zelaya's entire term was marked with these kinds of failures in judgment.

Pensieve: The Strange Resignation Letter
by Aaron Ortíz
"I suppose it was in the works a week or so before Zelaya “rescued” the ballots amigo Hugo flew to him. The media talk those days was that Zelaya was becoming mentally incompetent to govern, and that Congress was considering asking him to resign on those grounds. The letter above focuses on his creating national conflict and his eroding of his political base before mentioning his health."

WSJ: The End of Bolivian Democracy
Elections scheduled for December 6 will mark the official end of the Bolivian democracy.
by Mary Anastasia O'Grady

O'Grady describes what Hondurans feared would happen to Honduras.

ADN Kronos: Honduras: Minister defends 'ban' on broadcaster
"If we look at respect for freedom of speech anywhere in the world, and you actually hear what the channel is saying daily, you would see that in any country in the world, with or without elections, this channel would have been suspended," he said.

HTWO: Steps for Hondurans voting abroad
By Stanley Marrder
Step by step procedures for voting

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