December 1, 2009

Squawk, squawk from the OAS

He who talks muchHonduran dicho:
He who talks much about what he knows,

knows little about what he says.

Can I speak frankly here? These OAS people are just fools. Apparently anyone can claim anything and the OAS will issue a statement strongly condemning it. No evidence is needed. It doesn't even have to have occurred yet. Not even any common sense is needed − just call yourself a journalist or a human rights supporter and make any sort of wild claim and the OAS will jump right on their press release condemning Honduras. Chávez has them trained better than my chihuahuas but they both can be called lap dogs.

OAS press release, November 26, 2009

The Office of the Special Rapporteur for Freedom of Expression expresses its deepest concern regarding the attacks against freedom of expression registered in Honduras in the last few days, particularly the constant interruptions and interferences to the broadcasting signal of TV Channel 36 and the explosion in the building of Channel 10.

According to information received by the Special Rapporteurship, in the last few days the broadcast signal of Channel 36 has been interrupted several times, impeding it from broadcasting normally. Also, the director of Channel 36, Esdras Amado López, reported to the Special Rapporteurship that he has received information according to which the TV channel’s installations could be controlled by the military on Sunday, November 29 during the election, and that the channel’s announcers could be temporarily detained by security forces to prevent them from working that day.

The Special Rapporteurship received information that in the early hours of November 25, an explosive detonated in the installations of Channel 10. The explosion caused damages to the building, but no injuries were reported.

The Special Rapporteurship expresses its special concern regarding interference of broadcasts by media critical of the de facto government, as well as the repeated attacks against private media .... blah, blah, blah.

On the evening of November 24, evil Esdras Amado López and his screeching sidekick told viewers that they were shutting down Canal 36 as a protest and they didn't know when they would return. (They returned on either election day, or November 30 − I did not have internet access so I'm not sure.) I heard them say that. I wrote about it on November 25. Did I or did I not write, "My second thought was that it was a ploy to get the human rights groups to complain."? You read it here. (If you didn't, please do.)

Am I the only one who saw and heard them say that? Do they have any other viewers left?

As far as repeated attacks against private media uh, any idiot knows that those attacks were by the Resistance. How is it that the OAS manages to twist attacks against pro-government media as the fault of the government? Shouldn't that have been a demand against Zelaya to control his attack dogs?

Okay, here is one for you: I, a blogger with a human right to freedom of thought and expression, have received information that Mel Zelaya could interfere with my internet connection tomorrow and he could be sneaking out of the embassy at night and he could be coming to strangle me. The other day when I had a dropped call, it could have been someone tapping my phone line.

I will be waiting for the OAS 'strong condemnation' .... don't I at least deserve a 'special concern'?

Apparently these people have no regard for how this type of thing minimizes real human rights violations and real free speech issues, like, for example, in, uh, let me think here ... Venezuela? ... Cuba? ... Iran?

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