November 3, 2009

Honduras dialogues were a fraud

OAS Secretary General and Emperor of Honduras, José Insulza
Photo: La Tercera, Chile

I'll preface this article by saying, "if this La Tercera article is true..."

Let's just admit that the Guaymuras-Tegucigalpa-San José dialogues were a fraud. There is no "Honduran solution" to the Honduran problem. A Honduran solution will not be allowed and there is soon to be no Honduran sovereignty.

As I predicted, the development of a Honduran solution was only going to be allowed if the Honduran solution was the solution that the "international community" demanded.

Secretary General José Insulza in this interview arrogantly called upon − not Zelaya who has been issuing vitriolic rhetoric against "the dictator" and the "the golpistas" every day − but the Honduras Congress to "cease the rhetoric" and "install the national unity government and restore the deposed President Manuel Zelaya".

"The only peaceful solution is to restore President Zelaya for the short time left in office," Insulza said. [google translation]

Insulza the enforcer announced that he will be traveling to Honduras this week to ensure that (his interpretation of) the agreement will be implemented.

There. Is that crystal clear enough for you, congressmen? Your decision has been made.


This information has already been reported and repeated several times on Channel 36 and probably Radio Globo, whose listeners have been told that Micheletti agreed to restore Zelaya and that Micheletti is the one who now trying to back out of the agreement by using dirty tricks. Since their audience is told that they are tonto (stupid) and ignorant if they listen to any other (golpista) media, that is probably the only information that they have received.

These statements by Insulza completely violate what OAS representative Victor Rico said this weekend about the fact that no one, especially anyone from outside Honduras, should be putting pressure on the National Congress.

It also violates what US Assistant Secretary of State Tom Shannon said in his press conference.
In other words, this wasn’t about the OAS or the international community trying to impose a solution. We’ve seen that fail elsewhere. We know that solutions to be enduring and peaceful have to be rooted in, in this instance, in Honduran soil. And so in that regard, our purpose has always been to respect our principles, but to do so in a context in which Hondurans themselves were going to fashion their solutions.

The Resistance has been protesting outside the Congress for the past few days. Apparently now it is getting violent − no doubt a show for the Verification Commission and OAS representatives. If I were in charge of the Congress, I would declare that discussion of the issue is impossible with this pressure.


Incidentally, I was watching Channel 36 yesterday online. El Jefe was listening and pointed out that the man whipping the crowd into a frenzy about a constituyente (constitutional assembly) was a GRINGO! He could tell by the accent. So that is what we are dealing with here: outside forces trying to destabilize the country.

I just wish that the ethical media, if there is any, would report the lies and manipulations of the poor by these two media sources. Their lies have been enormous, including false reports of invasions, murders, kidnappings, concentration camps, forced disappearances, even genocide, as well as issuing calls for violence and insurrection even encouraging the assassination of Roberto Micheletti (which I heard with my own ears).

These highly paid media sources have been preaching that the elections will be a fraud, even though they know very well that the president has nothing to do with elections. Just the other day, they started a rumor that Roberto Micheletti was in Miami asking for asylum! They have done everything possible to destabilize the country, yet these are the two media outlets that the US was so worried about losing.

The only reprimand issued by the US (from US Ambassador Hugo Llorens) has been for the antisemitic comments of David Romero who said it was too bad that Hilter didn't finish his plans with the Jews − That is the kind of hate that emanates from these media outlets. Yet all of the other lies and calls for hate and violence go without comment by Hugo Llorens.

Where is your statement about elections, Llorens? Where is your encouragement to Hondurans to exercise their suffrage? Where is your call to stop the hate and unite for the sake of the future of Honduras? These kinds of statements from the US would carry weight with the Honduran people. Why are they not being made?

Update: Vilma Morales tells Insulza to shut up, in a nice way

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