September 26, 2006

Whaaaaaah! La Gringa was lost in limbo

Originally published on my 'emergency blog' slightly changed to avoid confusion--LG

I decided to take the plunge. Go for it. It's been a month or so since Blogger in Beta came out and it seemed like they had worked out most of the problems. I thought.

I really wanted the 'category' function of Blogger Beta. I think it would be helpful to my readers. Some people come to La Gringa for the 'gardening information,' others come for the 'life in La Ceiba' articles, and apparently a great number come to find out 'what the weather is really like in La Ceiba' before planning their vacation. I did some research and there are ways of doing that with the old Blogger, but they seemed a little complicated for this non-programmer.

The other day, I noticed that when I logged in there was a new area saying that I could switch to Beta. Silly me, I assumed that meant that my blog was suitable for migration (not all blogs are for various reasons).

Apparently not! I clicked the "switch to Beta" button thinking that it would ask me something, show me something, tell me something, or at least say "are you sure?" Nope. Just a note saying bye-bye and we'll send you an email when it's finished.

For the first few hours, I wasn't too worried, not knowing how long it was supposed to take. Then an internet friend from Mexico wrote to say "Are you worried? Mine transfered instantly." Yikes! If I wasn't too worried before, I certainly was then.

The first 24 hours, I couldn't sign into either my new or old account. My old account told me that it was merged with my new beta account and to log in there. My new account told me my email address didn't exist. I finally clicked on change the password and Google/Blogger allowed me to change the password on my non-existant email address.

Then I could sign in, but I saw the same thing you did: "This blog is currently moving to Blogger in beta. Please check back in a little while."

So finally today, 36 hours after the changeover, I decided to set up a temporary blog. I'm not sure what good it will do, since La Gringa's readers will probably never find it.

If you did find the temporary blog, thanks for looking for La Gringa. I'm back to posting on this blog now and I'm very glad to see you back, too!
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