September 28, 2006

Blogging by candlelight

I wonder how many people draft their blogs by hand with pen and paper? Maybe a lot, but I wonder how many use pen and paper by candlelight? That's what I'm doing. I feel a little like Abraham Lincoln.

Can anything be worse than not having electricity? I'll tell you what is worse: Having 30% of your normal electrical power. This has happened several times lately. Today we went to 30% power for several hours, most of it after dark, of course. That means that all the light bulbs try to shine. All the appliances try to run. All those LED displays try to light up. I'm saying 30% power, but of course I'm only guessing. The 60 watt light bulbs look to be about 20 watt strength.

We always turn off the main breaker as soon as we notice, but no telling what is happening to the refrigerator motor, ceiling fans, and light bulbs in the meantime. Recently El Jefe talked to someone at the power company about it, but he just shrugged, saying that San Pedro and Tegucigalpa get all the power and we only get whatever is left over, which is apparently not enough.

Of course, if you are reading this, then that means that the power came back and I'm happy again.
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