September 6, 2006

La Gringa has a frustrating day

Eeeek! What frustration it is to be a blogger in a third world country! I was two minutes away from posting an article when the power went out this morning. I always type the articles in NoteTab Light first so I won't lose them completely if the internet connection goes out. I copied my article from the text program, spent a long time uploading and sizing the pictures, and did a little more editing and Bam! The electricity went out taking the connection with it so I couldn't post. I quickly copied the revised article back to the text program and saved it before my backup battery quit.

Okay, I couldn't use the computer so I decided to do some work around the house − cleaning up the kitchen and maybe even the bathrooms. What happened next? The water started dribbling out of the faucet, a sure sign that we were only minutes away from losing water, too.

Okay, fine. I didn't really feel like housework anyway, so I decided to go outside and help El Jefe with the painting. Since I paint a little bit neater line than he does (sorry El Jefe, it's true!), I started to paint the trim around two upstairs windows that haven't been completed yet. This entails climbing onto a step ladder, climbing out the second floor window, standing on a 4" window sill, and hanging on for dear life to the window frame with my left hand while I paint with my right − something you won't see any other Honduran woman do in a million years, and a fact of which I continually remind El Jefe when I fall short in other areas, like floor-sweeping. ;-P

I finished the first half of the first window when Bam! It started raining. It looked like a little shower just passing through so I thought I would wait it out and hope that the wall didn't get too wet to continue later. But no! Along came a tropical downpour. It was already 3 p.m. and there was no chance the wall would be dry before dark.

Now it is evening and I'm going to post this one instead − and quickly before the power goes again. Aaaaarrrgh!
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