September 26, 2006

Today's Harvest, September 26

Well, I actually had about 50 of these. No, wait, it was, uh, 50 lbs. of these. No, uh, it must have been more like 100 lbs. Yeah, that's right, it was 100 lbs. of chiles, but I've already canned them all so I can't show them to you. Sorry. Maybe next time. ;-P

Clearly La Gringa is being punished for her spoof on spammers. First takes La Gringa's Blogicito to never-never land and now this pitiful harvest. It is a beauty, though, isn't it? I think it is an Anaheim but Chloe, the Rotten Rottweiller, ate the label.

I cut it up into slivers in our salads and it was nice and picante (spicy). I wasn't expecting it to be that hot and didn't use latex gloves when I cut it. Later, even after washing my hands several times, I rubbed my upper lip and my lip was burning the rest of the evening.

I'm usually very careful about using gloves because once I cut up a big batch of jalapeños and my hands were on fire for 3 days. I tried everything, including rubbing my hands with lemon and soaking them in soapy water for an hour. I honestly thought I was going to have to go to the hospital but I held off and finally the burning went away.

So the moral of this story is twofold: Always wear gloves when cutting chiles and never make jokes about becoming a multi-millionaire. (Three-fold: Never tell a fib about your harvest.)

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