September 12, 2006

Corn Carnage

This was my corn, variety 'Incredible', August 18, 2006. It looks healthy, off to a good start.

Corn crop, La Ceiba,Honduras

This is my corn on September 8.

storm damaged corn, La Ceiba, Honduras

Beaten down, battered and bruised. Apparently some sort of animal trampled through it. I'm thinking it was an oppossum. We've seen them here before. It could have been an iguana. We have seen some big ones but they are generally in the trees, sunning themselves. I don't think it was Chloe the Rotten. She weighs 75 lbs. (34 kg.), or maybe more now, and generally leaves behind pawprints when she dares to walk over the vegetable beds. Whatever it was, it didn't eat the corn.

corn harvest, La Ceiba, Honduras

The ears aren't full of kernels to the top, but considering that I didn't fertilize, didn't mulch, and barely watered, it isn't too bad a harvest for a 2' by 4' area (.61 m. x 1.21 m.). This variety is Pinetree Seeds' most popular sugary-enhanced hybrid and it is really tender and sweet. Seeds of Incredible corn are also available in the U.K.

The tight husks prevented worms from damaging the ears, a problem which I've had with other varieties of corn. I'm going to plant some more soon just to see how it does during the rainy season. And this time I'm going to fertilize and mulch.
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