September 15, 2006

About La Gringa's Blog

First I have to warn you that I AM a new blogger and having had a 4 year hiatus from the internet, I am probably even more unsophisticated than most. So please forgive me as I revel a little.

I started La Gringa's Blogicito on July 15th partly as an outlet to air my frustrations and partly to alleviate the burden from a couple of internet friends who were struggling to keep up with my endlessly long emails talking about life here in Honduras. Today is the second month anniversary of this blogicito (bad name but in Spanglish it means little blog).

Yesterday the blog had its 1,400th visitor (that is if you can believe these wacky counters!). I know there are plenty of blogs that get that many visitors a day, but I marvel every single day at the number of people from all over the world who come to read this whiny drivel!

In the two months since then I've written 52 articles (wow! can this be true?). Google Analytics tells me that 'The state of fast food in La Ceiba' has been the most popular article in the past month (surprising) followed by '
Vegetable Gardening − Tropical Style' (not so surprising except that is was one of my first articles).

Almost every day something happens, or I see something, or someone says something that gives me an idea for a blog article. I'm starting to see with new eyes the things that I have gotten used to in the 5 years that I've been in Honduras. I've also used my digital camera more in this two months than in the previous 5 years.

Visitors have come from 56 countries, including China, Korea, Malaysia, Bulgaria, Uruguay, Trinidad, Canary Islands, Dubai, Egypt, Iran, and Turkey, just to mention a few of the more exotic non-English language countries. My Clustrmap has dots from 45 U.S. states − or will the next time it's updated. I'm still hoping for 5 more dots! Google Analytics tells me that visitors primarily come from Florida, California, and Texas in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Panama (thanks guys for your encouragement!), Australia, and the U.K. Just lately the blog has been getting several visitors from Honduras and that worries me a little − I'd rather keep a lower profile here!

Amazingly, La Gringa's
Technorati rating has risen from being rated 1,630,257th (haha! − was that out of 1,631,000 blogs?) on August 15, to number 175,529 in one month. It's amazing because a search on Technorati for 'La Gringa', 'blogicito', or any combination of these words results in nada (nothing)! I don't know how these ratings happen but it's pretty cool. I feel almost famous! It may be like a house of cards and come tumbling back down again so please indulge me while I enjoy it while I can.

I really am having fun writing this blog − I hope I can keep up the pace. I've 'met' some really great people from blogging, made some new friends, and discovered hundreds of other blogs that I want to keep up with. I definitely need to get them all set up on
Bloglines, a blog reader list. I'm falling way behind on my reading.

Being an immigrant in any foreign country is not easy. Being a spoiled American (yes, I will admit it!) in a poverty stricken, forgotten country is really tough sometimes. This blog makes me feel more connected to the world and a little less isolated. It helps me to stay a little more sane in this crazy country. It has also helped my relationship with
El Jefe (the boss) because now instead of complaining to him all the time, I can just 'blog it.' My hope is that in turn this blog will give the readers a little entertainment or insight into life in La Ceiba, Honduras. Thanks everybody for 'listening' to me!

Okay, now I'm embarrassed that I've written this article. Honestly, my point is not to brag but rather to thank all of you who have visited, especially those of you who have left such nice comments, and to invite all of you to come back again. If there is anything in particular that you would like to know about Honduras or my gardening experience here, please feel free to email me or leave a comment. I'm not an expert on Honduras by any means but I'll do my best to find out and write something on the topic.

There is a new La Gringa's (empty) Guest Map on the sidebar today. Please click on the globe and put a pin in the world map to show everyone where you are. Don't be shy. And please leave a comment to let me know if you have a question or suggestion! New ideas are always welcome!

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