September 23, 2006

From the tropics to the far north

Here in the tropics, things grow fast and big, and we can grow vegetables year round. I like to rub that in a little bit with my northern friends, since there isn't much else to brag about in Honduras. Oh, except for those mangosteens which I enjoy flaunting to los Norte Americanos. By the way, we bought some more the other day. :-P

All the rest of my gardening experience, except for planting radishes in Michigan when I was 5 years old, has been in Dallas, Texas, where we also have a pretty long growing season. I always assumed that the further north you are located, the shorter your season and the smaller your crops. Seemed logical to me.

So I was shocked when I clicked a link to this Alaskan site, The Northernmost Jew. You must click this link and see this 73 pound cabbage grown in Alaska. It seems that Alaska's 24-hour daylight days have a tremendous effect on gardens. There is also a picture of a 81 lb. kohlrabi. The author apologized for not getting a good picture of the 1,019 lb. pumpkin. I would have liked to have seen that.

I also learned that not only does Alaska not have a state income tax, but this year the state paid each and every resident, including children, $1,106 to live there. I learn something new every day. Now, click that link!
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