September 10, 2006

A day in the life of Zoe, Chloe, and Joey

Three canine companions are living the good life in La Ceiba, Honduras. Here are some highlights of a typical day.

Can we come outside to play?

Zoe is in front, Joey is behind. The two girls always pick on Joey because he is the smallest. He loves them anyway. Zoe is 9 months and 9 pounds (4 kg.). Joey is 8 months and 8 pounds (3.6 kg.).

Darn that sun is bright!

These guys are cien por ciento Hondureños (100% Honduran). Joey is from Roatán and Zoe is from San Pedro Sula. Of course, the chihuahua breed is from Mexico. They are very cold natured dogs and shiver whenever the temperature falls below 72°F (22°C).

Boy, this is fun!

Chloe, the 2-year-old Doberman/Rottweiller mix, was so happy to get some playmates. Even though she is almost 10 times their weight, she plays really well with them. Sometimes she puts their whole head in her mouth, just to show them what she could do. Chloe is from La Ceiba.

Afternoon siesta

A little play is always followed by a short siesta.

Papaya ice cream?

You may not know that dogs love ice cream, especially when the weather is hot. Not that ours get much ice cream. We like it too much to share most of the time.

Okay, I'll try it!

We had to pull Joey's head out of the cup in order to let Zoe have some, too.

How can I sleep when everyone is bothering me?

Joey has claimed this basket as his own. He spends a lot of time in this basket under my desk whenever I'm on the computer. Chloe likes to take his "blanky" away from him.

Defending the basket

Zoe and Joey used to curl up together in this basket but they have gotten too big now. Zoe pretty much accepts that this is Joey's basket, but every now and then she likes to give him a hard time. Don't they look ferocious?

Fine! You can have the basket. I get the bed.

The dogs aren't allowed on the furniture and they don't usually get the privilege of sleeping on a bed. El Jefe was studying in the guest room and let Zoe join him. It makes her feel special.

Waiting for bedtime cookies

Before bed, everyone gets a bedtime snack: a gourmet chicken-carrot-garlic dog cookie, homemade by La Gringa. They show their good manners by sitting and waiting for their treat.

Sleep at last!

Poor Joey! Those girls really wear him out.

Somebody has to guard this place

Chloe is a great guard dog. Once she barked all night long. We wanted to strangle her. In the morning, she was completely exhausted and hoarse but still barking. We found that she had cornered a snake and was trying to protect her domain all night with no help from us. Poor thing!

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