September 27, 2009

Zelayistas censor Facebook

Facebook = CIA = GolpistasFacebook = CIA = Golpistas

Zelayistas are somehow able to get anti-Zelaya information censored on Facebook by reporting it as abusive. Before you think that I'm paranoid, just try to post any of these links in Facebook. And note also that there is nothing nothing sexual, violent, or abusive about any of these links.

Zelaya's family on jetSome of this information includes photos of Zelaya's adult children and family members sipping champagne while wearing Rolex watches while they travel to the US and Europe in the Honduran government's private jet. This is just one of those photos. You can find many more on Facebook − for now anyway.

Another document which cannot be shown on Facebook is the alleged college grade report of Manuel Zelaya. You can find that here. The second to the last column 'Notas' means grades. Needless to say, the grades are pathetic. If true, Zelaya took Mathematics II four times before he was able to pass it, which definitely helps to explain the minimum wage increase which helped to bankrupt the government budget. Hat tip to Luís Matute of El Jampedrano blog.

Most recently Facebook blocked a video interview of a friend of witnesses to the murder of Honduran PINU Congressional candidate Marco Antonio Canales Villatoro. She states that the men who killed him were members of the resistance who pointed him out as he came out of a church with his wife and 10-year-old daughter. You can see that interview below or at YouTube (in Spanish):

What is most incredible about this is that though the victim was apparently targeted by the resistencia, the disinformation media is reporting that he was part of the resistance and making their followers believe that he was killed by the Micheletti government.

I heard this myself: When a woman called channel 36 yesterday to report that he was killed by the resistance not the government, her call was immediately cut off with a chastizing lecture by the host that "we can't get into speculation about who did it until it is verified", though this same media source has reported hundreds, if not thousands, of rumors and false claims, specifically to incite its followers.

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