September 27, 2009

USA intervenes in the sovereign nation of Honduras

He's no Kennedy

It was just announced on the news that US Ambassador Hugo Llorens is assisting ex-president Mel Zelaya to set up a parallel government led by Zelaya within Honduras. They showed Llorens big toothy grinning face over and over again.

Have the United States of America led by President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lost their minds?

Are they trying to start a war in Honduras?

Are they going to assist Zelaya in accessing the $165 million in international aid funds to finance his revolution of violent supporters?

This is foreign intervention in a sovereign country by the no longer great United States of America, who is still the great bully of the world − except where it is needed.
The difference now is that at least in the past, the US stood up for its allies.

I hope all the countries who stood by and let this happen never have to face this in their own country.

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