September 13, 2009

Cancellation of US visas for coup supporters

What are they laughing about?

From a
US State Department press briefing:
MR. CROWLEY: Yes. The list [of people whose US visas will be revoked] includes those who have participated in the coup and those who have supported it. .... But we’re trying to do two things. One is to send a clear message and put as much pressure as we can on the de facto regime.
From Associated Press:
The interim government expects Washington to revoke the visas of at least 1,000 more public officials "in the coming days," Information Minister Rene Zepeda told The Associated Press.

So, not only those accused of being involved a "coup" by a vindictive Zelaya will be punished but anyone who bravely takes the patriotic stance of supporting their government will also be punished. President Micheletti has been punished. The Attorney General has been punished for following the law. Fifteen Supreme Court Justices have been punished for issuing a decision based on the constitution. And somewhere around 116 congressmen will be punished for following the law of Honduras.

Imagine the outrage from the US if the world were to attempt to retaliate against the US Supreme Court Justices or anyone who supports their decision because they don't agree with, for example, the legality of abortion − which much of the world doesn't!

However, being a patriotic person myself, I "ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." That is going to be a whole lot of paperwork so La Gringa is going to help out the US State Department with their list. They have a big job in store for them since they said that they are going to cancel the US visas of anyone "who are in the regime or who supports it."

In other words, anyone who knows the history of events, took the time to learn the facts, studied the issues, and made a personal decision after the fact is guilty as well. The US gives us new definition of freedom of speech and thought. What an example to the world.

For starters, here are some people who need their visas taken away, just off the top of my head:

Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez (former papal candidate)
11 Catholic Bishops

At least some
Catholic nuns (I've seen some in the marches and on TV)
Association of Evangelical Church leaders
Numerous other small church leaders
All of the ministers of the current government
Former Presidents Maduro, Flores, Callejas (others?)
Liberal presidential candidate Elvin Santos (accused by Zelaya)
National presidential candidate Pepe Lobo (accused by Zelaya)
Former Supreme Court President Vilma Morales

15 Supreme Court Justices (check these off the list)

Lower court judges who declared the actions illegal
At least 116 members of congress
President Roberto Micheletti (check!)
Attorney General (check!)

Human Rights Commissioner (check!)
All of the generals of Honduras' Armed Forces
Mayor of Tegucigalpa
Mayor of La Ceiba

Mayor of Choluteca

Many other Honduran mayors

Pastor Oswaldo Canales, Coordinator of National Anti-Corruption Council (CNA)

Juan Ferrera, former Coordinator of CNA
Mauricio Díaz, FOSDEH (a prime fighter against corruption)
Former Attorney General

17 Honduran Ambassadors fired by Zelaya because they chose allegiance to their country over allegiance to one man
Honduran Consuls fired by Zelaya (ditto the reason)
Most Honduran political analysts
All newspaper owners except one
Most television station owners (except those paid by Zelaya)
Most radio station owners (except those paid by Zelaya)

Then there is this list of 85 organizations who supported the ousting of Zelaya after the fact. [Slightly mangled English translation of their beautiful and patriotic letter] I don't have all the members names, but I'm sure that the US can find them.

1 .- Honduran Council of Private Enterprise - COHEP
2 .- Honduras Bar Association (all attorneys and judges?)
3 .- Association of Coffee Exporters of Honduras
4 .- Association of Freight and International Logistics Agencies
5 .- Honduras Hotel Association and Affliates
6 .- Association of Shipping Lines Companies and Representatives
7 .- Honduran Association of Distributors of Petroleum Products
8 .- Honduran Association of Motor Vehicle Dealers and Associates
9 .- Honduran Association of Banking Institutions
10.-Honduran Maquila Association
11.-Honduran Association of Animal Feed Producers
12.-Honduran Association of Coffee Producers
13.-Honduran Association of Cold Meat Processors
14.-Association of Women Business Leaders of Honduras
15.-Honduras Timber Association
16.-Media Association of Honduras
17.-Honduran-American Chamber of Commerce
18.-National Association of Artisans of Honduras
19.-National Association of Rice Millers Honduras
20.-Metal Mining National Association of Honduras
21.-National Association of Pork Producers in Honduras
22.-Association of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers of Honduras
23.-National Association of Radio Broadcasters of Honduras
24.-National Association of Poultry Farmers of Honduras
25.-National Aquaculture Association of Honduras
26.-National Association of Manufacturers ANDI
27.-National Association of Meat Packers
28.-Transformer National Association of Lumber
29.-National Association of Medium and Small Industries
30.-National Association of Private Universities of Honduras
31.-Sugar Producers' Association of Honduras
32.-Honduran Associated Advertising Agencies
33.-Pharmacy Owners Association
34.-Association of Private Security and Investigation
35.-Association of Private Telecommunication Companies
36.-Free Zone Association of Honduras
37.-Chamber of Housing Financing Institutions
38.-Advisory Center for Human Resources Development
39.-Honduran Chamber of Stock Exchange
40.-Honduran Chamber of Insurers
41.-Honduran Chamber of Equivalent Products
42.-National Chamber of Tourism of Honduras
43.-Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Atlantida
44.-Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Cortes
45.-Chamber of Commerce and Industry Progreso
46.-Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tegucigalpa
47.-Honduran Chamber of Business Consulting
48.-Honduran Chamber of the Construction Industry
49.-Honduran Council of the Oil Industry
50.-National Courier Association of Honduras
51.-CROPLIFE Honduras
52.-National Association of Drugstores
53.-Federation Chambers of Commerce and Industry
54.-National Customs Brokers Federation of Honduras
55.-National Federation of Agriculture and Livestock
56.-National Federation of Private School in Honduras
57.-Foundation for Investment and Development of Exports
58.-Poultry Producers of Honduras
59.-Microfinance Institution Network of Honduras
60.-Association of Coffee Roasters of Honduras
61.-Alliance for Change
62.-Honduras Alliance for Peace and Democracy
63.-City Hall Tegucigalpa
64.-Association for Liberty and Democracy
65.-Honduran Anticorruption Attorneys Bar
66.-Junior Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tegucigalpa
67.-National Economic Research Center CIEN
68.-National Anti-Corruption Council
69.-Foundation for Democracy Without Borders
70.-Permanent Forum of Civil Society
71.-Light Foundation
72.-Municipal Development Foundation FUNDEMUN
73.-Honduran Foundation of Children with Cancer FUNHNICER
74.-Generation X Cambio (1000s of citizens?)
75.-Young Industrials ANDI
76.-PINU Innovation and Unity Political Party
77.-Association for Justice of Honduras
78.-Union of Law Professionals UCPDD
79.-University José Cecilio del Valle
80.-Civic Union in Defense of Democracy
81.-Union Civic Democratic (1000s of citizens?)
82.-Armed Forces Reservists (1000s of citizens)
83.-Retired Military Officers Association of the Armed Forces
84.-Association of parents of public school (moms and dads)
85.-National Civic Association

But how to punish all the other Honduran residents who support the constitutional government of Honduras led by Roberto Micheletti? Most foreigners and missionaries, who are generally apolitical when it comes to Honduran politics, have spoken out in support of the government. Many of them operate schools, orphanages, and other programs for the poor, or own business which provide thousands of Honduran jobs. Maybe you could try to ruin their businesses or charities by issuing a long-standing travel advisory to prevent tourists and volunteers from traveling to areas that have had not one bit of strife of any kind. Oh, never mind − you've already done that!

Many of us are US Americans married to Hondurans, so you'll need a list of all the spouses names to be sure that they can't visit the US either.

We've run across vegetable vendors on the street, small business owners, taxi drivers, teachers, waiters, housewives, college students, retirees, and more who support their government. I'll try to get their names and send another list to you later. My elderly mother-in-law supports the government. Better snatch her visa so she can't visit the grandkids in the US. Before you know it, you'll have her on your side, out marching in the street, burning tires, and vandalizing churches, too.

This may be a surprise to the US government, but the ability to travel to the great United States of America is not the most important thing in the world. Much more important to Hondurans is to have dignity and pride in their country and their government. Freedom is worth more than a visa, as Mauricio Villeda said.

Rather than burning tires, what we may be seeing next in Honduras is US visa burning demonstrations.

Is it becoming clear that the US made a rash and uniformed decision and is now stubbornly sticking to it, despite all common sense?

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