September 1, 2009

Worldwide protest: No more Chávez

Worldwide protest: No more Chávez

On Friday, September 4, 2009, at 12:00 noon in central parks and town squares across the world, millions of people will meet in a worldwide protest against Hugo Chávez to show solidarity for the repressed people of Venezuela. In Spanish, the manifestation is called the "Marcha Mundial contra Chávez" or "No Mas Chávez".

A partial list of cities and email addresses of coordinators is included at (Click the enter button at the lower right for the city list.) Numerous cities in the USA and Canada are listed. On Facebook, No Mas Chavez!!! includes information in Spanish and English. Participants are asked to wear white.

Here in Honduras, marches are planned for Tegucigalpa (Blvd. Suyapa), San Pedro Sula (11 a.m.), and Roatán (Plaza Mar, Coxen Hole). If you are aware of any others or more specific directions, please include the information in the comments section of this article.

Don't let that stop you from participating in your town. Even one person standing in a town square with a sign saying "No mas Chávez" or "No more Chávez" makes a statement that hopefully others will think about.

I'd love to have pictures of the No more Chávez events in your town. Send your best photo to me and I'll include them in a future article.

No more aggression
No more oppression
No more tyranny
No more expansionism
No more false propaganda
No more disrespect of foreign nations
No more 21th century socialismo
For the liberty and the dignity of not only venezuela, but every country in south america and the world.

No more Hugo Chávez!!!


Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez, in his typical megalomaniac fashion has declared this to be a protest against the Venezuelan people and has declared a pro-Chávez march in Venezuela [Google English translation], also called "No mas imperialismo".

I wonder which protest Telesur and CNN (Español) will cover?
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