September 20, 2009

Super Sunday Honduras Rumors

Zelaya: He's wearing pajamas, it must be a coup!

Just a few of the titillating rumors that I've been hearing lately. The rumors that I'm including come from sources who have close connections with many of the active members of the current Honduran government.

1) Rumor has it that a video exists, taken on the morning of June 28, showing soldiers packing Zelaya's suitcase, and later showing Zelaya, fully dressed (!), being politely escorted to the airplane which eventually took him to Costa Rica, as he requested in lieu of being arrested. Even better − I hope this is true − the video was shown to the OAS representatives who visited in August, including "observer" (heheheh) Secretary General José Insulza. Insulza has definitely toned down the rhetoric since that meeting and there definitely seems to be less mention of pajamas these days.

2) Rumor has it that a certain attractive former assistant minister was hiding under the bed of Zelaya on the morning of June 28.

3) Rumor has it that the (Washington, D.C.) US State Department's endearing nickname for Latin America is "The cockroach district".

4) Rumor has it: At the US Embassy in Tegucigalpa, after the US condemned Honduras with sanctions, visa denials etc, in a staff meeting with all the employees, the Honduran workers all wore white but said nothing. This greatly angered the US officials, who called another meeting to discuss this 'incident'.

5) Thomas Shannon of the US State Department was told in February 2006 that Mel Zelaya was going to try to stay in power with the help of Hugo Chávez. Rumor has it his response was basically, "live with it."

6) Rumor has it that payments to pro-Zelaya marchers has risen to L.3,000! (US $159) Heck, I'm available for marches for L.3,000. Does lunch come with that? None of that tire burning or rock throwing for me, though.

7) Two low-flying planes flew over my house the other night around 9:30 p.m., headed for Tocoa. Rumor has it that they were drug planes delivering cash to the former first lady who was supposed to be in Tocoa that night. There are no scheduled flights that go over my house, ever.

Again, keep in mind that these are rumors only.

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