September 25, 2009

Waging war against democracy

Listen to what Newt Gingrich says, please, even if you are a Democrat! Cover your ears for the first 20 seconds if you must, but listen to the rest.

Some of the other groups applauding the moves against democracy in Honduras are:

Socialist Worker Org.
Communist Party USA
Socialist Unity (England)
Socialist Alliance (Australia)
FARC (Colombia)

This week the UN decided to withhold election assistance for Honduras' November elections.

The IMF decided to wait for Zelaya's corrupt government to disburse the $163 million. I hope there is no way that he can access International Monetary Funds to finance a revolution.

All Honduras wants is to stop the international interference that is causing so much trouble here and to leave them in peace. Honduras will have its elections in November. Is it too much to ask to let Hondurans elect their next president? Must the citizens be punished by the international community?

What is the plan if the world doesn't recognize elections?

Is the US going to pick a triumvirate for them?

That is not democracy. That is colonialism.
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