September 6, 2009

Cuba survived without the US

Raúl Castro, Mel Zelaya, Fidel Castro, La Pichu

El Jefe has been saying....well, sorry, actually I can't repeat what he has been saying about the government of the United States of America. Many Hondurans have been so disappointed and confused by the US reaction to the Honduran crisis, but have held out the belief that there was some great master plan and that the US would come through in the end, as the friend and great protector of democracy that Hondurans believed it was. That belief is fading.

Among many Hondurans that I know, there are some hard feelings about the US government trying to interfere in the sovereignty of Honduras, both publicly and behind the scenes. Thankfully, most of those people know that there are huge numbers of American people who support their campaign to remain free from socialismo.

Even more ironic, on the very same day that the US announced more sanctions against Honduras, they announced easing of sanctions against Cuba.

Another thing El Jefe has been saying is that "Cuba survived; we can, too." Not that I believe Cuba's repressive dictatorship should be held up as an example to any country, but I started thinking about this:

After almost 50 years of
US embargo, Cuba is in better shape financially, in health care, and in education than Honduras is after 50 years of US 'help'.

Makes you think, doesn't it?

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