September 11, 2009

Restore Rod Blagojevich and democracy to Illinois

Rod Blagojevich, the democratically elected Governor of Illinois

We, the citizens and residents of Honduras and the world, are profoundly conscious of the actual situation in the State of Illinois in the United States of America, and the instability of its democratic system. We DEPLORE the manner in which democracy has failed in the great State of Illinois. In order to restore democracy in Illinois, we vehemently proclaim the following:

We DEMAND the immediate and unconditional restitution of the democratically elected governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich, to his constitutional duties. Honduran attorneys have reviewed the circumstances, taken a glance at the constitution, and find that all actions taken against Governor Blagojevich were unjust and illegal. We vehemently CONDEMN the undemocratic actions taken by the elite, politically motivated oligarchy as well as the conspiracy to damage his reputation by wealthy media owners.

Further, we INSIST that Governor Blagojevich be given amnesty for these fabricated and politically motivated charges of violating laws and ethics since a fair trial under a de facto regime is impossible. Further, we DEMAND that his term be extended to restore the days for which he was elected but was deprived of his elected office.

No other governor of Illinois will be recognized until the state of Illinois submits to our demands. State elections held under the de facto regime of dictator Pat Quinn will not be recognized. All appointments, including the US Senate seat appointment from Illinois will be considered de facto.

We REPUDIATE all laws passed in the state of Illinois subsequent to the date of Governor Blagojevich's illegal removal and consider said laws null and void and unenforceable. By extension, due to the appointment of the de facto United States Senator by the de facto governor/dictator of Illinois, we also REPUDIATE all laws of the Unitied States of America passed under this undemocratic regime as null and void and unenforceable.

We DEMAND that the de facto governor submit himself to mediation to restore democracy in Illinois. Honduran President Roberto Micheletti will be named mediator. We DEMAND that the de facto regime and Illinois courts and congress submit to his decision. During this mediation, only facts provided by Blagojevich co-conspirators supporters will be considered. Any evidence of crimes by Governor Blagojevich will be discarded as obviously fabricated to justify this crime against humanity.

We are guided by the words of the great José Miguel Insulza, Secretary General of the Organization of American States, “If you want to have democratic rule in the region, if you want people to believe in your democratic institutions, if you want to improve the quality of democracy, and correct all its defects, don’t try to justify the rape of democracy”. In other words, any attempt to prove the legality of Governor Blagojevich's removal merely points to the far reaching extent of the conspiracy against him by all members of the Illinois community. We WILL NOT listen or negotiate with co-conspirators.

We further DEMAND that a truth and reconciliation commission headed by former Honduran president Manuel Zelaya be appointed to administer the government and public funds of the State of Illinois while conducting investigations. The truth and reconciliation commission will also include all former Honduran ministers under Zelaya's administration. The state of Illinois will be responsible for paying the salary and all expenses, including travel, of the commission members, their families, and their horses.

We wish to express our solidarity with the repressed people of Illinois. We have been informed by Governor Blagojevich of the months of repression and human rights abuses suffered by the Illinois people. We DEMAND that national and international human rights groups document and report all human rights abuses. We CONDEMN all "detentions" which have occurred since the coup d'etat. Any persons taken into custody, arrested, or tried under this repressive regime will be considered political prisoners who must be released immediately.

Further, we INSIST that human rights violation reports be taken only from Blagojevich supporters. The de facto government is responsible for creating this oppressive regime of terror, therefore any crimes committed against the state or de facto regime supporters are a result of the government's own actions. All murders occurring in the state of Illinois since the removal of Governor Blagojevich are further evidence of this oppressive, brutal regime.

While we support the innocent citizens of Illinois, we DEMAND that anyone involved in the removal of Governor Rod Blagojevich or anyone who supported that removal afterward be pressured to restore him by cancellation of visas and passports and freezing of bank accounts and any other assets until this rape of democracy is properly addressed and the democratically elected Governor Blagojevich is restored to office.

We INSIST that the United States of America, the United Nations, the Organization of American States, and the Eurpean Union take severe economic actions against this illegal usurper regime in order to restore democracy to the state of Illinois. Federal government assistance should be suspended. Trade with companies in the state of Illinois should be suspended. Illinois should be condemned by the world.

Finally, in words paraphrased from the US State Department Assistant Secretary of State, Philip J. Crowley: Illinois, there is no way out of this box. You put yourself into it and it is up to you to submit to world demands to get yourself out. Because of the intransigence of the de facto regime, we call upon the people of Illinois and the international community to join forces against this grave disturbance of the democratic process. Failure to comply with our demands will result in international isolation.

The world cannot allow this horrendous action action against a democratically elected politician to stand. We can not return to the days of corrupt politicians being held accountable for their actions. This travesty could put into jeopardy corrupt leaders all over the world.


Please show your support for democracy by joining the Restore Rod Blagojevich and Democracy to Illinois cause on Facebook. Remember if we don't stop Illinois, your corrupt politician could be next.
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