September 22, 2009

Micheletti speaks, Arias, Clinton, and Insulta speak, and the people speak

This is a video of the speech that The Constitutional President of the Republic of Honduras Roberto Micheletti made yesterday afternoon to reassure the population (in Spanish). Carlos did a transcript translated to English on Let's Get it Right.


Oscar Arias and Hillary Clinton discussed yesterday's events in Honduras. Secretary Clinton mentions that the US warned both sides about violence. Unfortunately, Oscar Arias is in a complete dream world. Notice that he mentions several times what a great opportunity this is to put more pressure on Honduras. That is our neutral mediator. Haha.

Please, both of you, stop talking as if you are speaking for the people of Honduras. Neither of you have bothered to listen to the people of Honduras. You listened to and are speaking on behalf of Mel Zelaya. You are speaking on behalf of a corrupt president, mob rule, and a paid mob at that.


Here is what the people of Honduras said tonight (note, usually 2,000-4,000 vote on a normal night):

Will the presence of ex-president Zelaya in Honduras help to solve the political crisis? Yes = 3,496 (15%); No = 19,187 (85%)


OAS made the usual speech:
The Permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OAS) passed Monday a Declaration in which the organization “calls for the immediate signing of the San José Agreement”, demands full guarantees to ensure the life and physical integrity of President José Manuel Zelaya Rosales, and supports the initiatives undertaken by the Secretary General José Miguel Insulza to facilitate dialogue and restoration of the constitutional order in Honduras....

Blah. blah. blah.

....At the same time, the Declaration “demands full guarantees from the de facto authorities in order to ensure the life and physical integrity of President Zelaya and a treatment consistent with his high office, as well as his return to the Presidency of the Republic in accordance with the resolution of the General Assembly”.

Finally, the Council “calls on all sectors of Honduran society to act responsibly and prudently, avoiding any acts that could lead to violence and hinder the national reconciliation so desired by the Honduran people and the Hemisphere as a whole.”

Sounds familiar. I think I remember that from June 28, June 29, and a couple of other times. No doubt the UN will repeat it in a day or two. So you think Honduras broke its constitution so you are insisting that it break its constitution as punishment. Yawn.


Here is your chance to speak your mind. A Univision poll asks: After the return of Zelaya, Honduras should....? As I last saw it, the results showed that 61% of the respondents believe that Mel should be jailed. [Google translation]

Do you think that corrupt presidents should be above the law?

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