September 20, 2009

In the news: Meddling and intervention from all sides

Zelaya and Chavez: "We talk, they listen"

Some recent Honduran headlines (translated from Spanish):

Proceso Digital: Obama continues to push for San José Accord − on Univision.

La Tribuna: Hillary Clinton to meet with Arias (Costa Rica) to examine the Honduran situation next week.

La Prensa: Honduras, theme in agenda between Zapatero (Spain) and Obama

La Prensa: Asked for surgical measures against Honduras − State Department and El Salvador talk about the need to adopt specific measures against Honduras.

Great diplomacy. Let's talk to everyone EXCEPT Honduras about the Honduran 'problem'.

More pressures against the candidates:

El Heraldo: Both the US and G-16 are going to be meeting with Honduran presidential candidates. Can we expect threats of isolation or bribes of increased aid or both? What other country in the world would permit this outside influence against presidential candidates?

Why is the whole world so intent on restoring a corrupt criminal with narcotrafficking ties to the presidency of Honduras for
four months? Does anyone read Spanish? Zelaya has indicated he plans to violate the San José Accord in numerous interviews. Why should Honduras agree to something that Zelaya will not abide by and which violates the constitution of their country?

Meanwhile, US making amends with Nicaragua:

La Prensa: US returns visas to Nicaraguan politicians − Visas revoked in 2002-2007 for acts of corruption or other aspects of the Patriot Act were returned to Electoral Magistrate, Supreme Court Judges, and others with apologies from the US.

And making enemies with Honduras:

La Tribuna: US violently raids the Los Angeles Honduran Consulate OfficeHmm, what happened to diplomatic immunity? The Honduran Foreign Ministry called the incident "despicable and illegal" and reported that it included physical violence against consulate employees. The US Embassy in Honduras denies that US government security officials were involved.

These are diplomats who were appointed by Zelaya but have chosen to remain loyal to their country rather than one person. Most of Zelaya's diplomatic officials in the US and several other countries have been removed for refusing to sign a statement of
loyalty to him personally. Last month while they were trying to register people to vote in Los Angeles, Zelaya's people were busy trying to sabotage that.

Just in case government intervention isn't enough:

La Tribuna: Actor Danny Glover to come to Honduras to support resistance students Does everyone have to meddle in Honduras? Students have protested a couple of times against the new mandatory military draft. What's wrong with that, you ask? There IS NO new mandatory military draft − it is just another lie told by unethical resistance leaders to get students' support.

The tentacles of Chávez are everywhere. Actor Danny received US $19.7 million from Hugo Chávez in 2007 (in English). How much since then and how long do
carbon 'Chavez credits' last? I hope the students tell him that their grades depend upon participating in marches and faithful regurgitation of the resistance teachers' propaganda. Glover should be standing on the side of the brave students and parents who are refusing to put up with this abuse.

Now this is diplomacy:

In one bit of good news, Rotary Clubs from several countries realize that democratic elections are the answer AND are willing to help to see that it happens. Members of Rotary Clubs of El Salvador, Guatemala, Belize, US, and Mexico have offered their services as election observers. What a great way to help Honduras prove that its elections are free and fair. Please check with your Rotary Club − maybe a trip to Honduras could be in your future!
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