September 4, 2009

Zelaya and the lies that you don't hear in English

Here in Honduras, we know that if Zelaya's mouth is open, falsehoods are probably coming out. He is his own worst enemy, as the world is beginning to see.

Mel Zelaya radio interview, Aug. 23, 2009

This Zelaya interview aired on Radio Globo in Honduras on August 23. Radio Globo is one of the two media outlets which Zelaya paid millions for positive and misleading coverage of the cuarta urna. Radio Globo is also one of the media outlets which claims to be repressed though somehow through all that repression, they are able to preach hate and insurrection daily.

In this interview, Zelaya makes several declarations that make it clear that he has no intention of abiding by the San José Accord. He says they will change the strategy, dates, etc., but the process of reform [of the constitution] will never be stopped again.

He challenges Micheletti who he calls Goriletti to meet him in the presidential square, Zelaya with "the people" and Micheletti with his white-clad "perfumed ones". It cuts off there, so I don't know if he is proposing a duel or a brawl for the presidency or what.

In another part, he says that the golpistas don't have a right to live in a civilized world of the 21st century − this could be interpreted as encouraging his followers to assassinate the coupsters. He makes other comments which could be considered to be inciting violence, and he also make disparaging remarks about the mentality of anyone who would vote in the elections, thus encouraging boycott of the elections by his followers.

"One by one, one by one, minute by minute, they [those who he considers golpistas] are going to pay in the prisons....with perpetual [life] sentences." Zelaya says.

He says he has lost 56 days of his government and that they have to restore those 56 days to apparently he is not planning to turn over the presidency on January 27, 2010, as both the constitution and the San José Accord requires.

This was just one interview. Yesterday in a CNN (Español) interview, Zelaya stated that he would continue with the referendum plans, even though that is one of the major points expressly forbidden by the San José Accord. Zelaya has repeated over and over again his plans which prove without a doubt that he has no intention of complying with the San José Accord and never did.

But Zelaya doesn't speak in English, so those words do not reach the majority of the English speaking world. Surely world governments employ Spanish speakers. Surely they do some monitoring of the media? Yet read this US State Department press briefing from yesterday.

State Department spokesman Philip J. Crowley repeats over and over again that Zelaya has accepted the San José Accord and the de facto government has not. This is just completely false information and I can only think of two reasons why the State Department would say that. Either the US State Department is completely incompetent or they are purposely lying to the public. Is there any other explanation?


Cartoon: La Prensa, Honduras.
"Is it true that you want me to stay some 16 years?"
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