September 26, 2009

Citizens' demand concerning the Honduran elections

September 24 demonstration before the UN offices in Tegucigalpa.
Some 20,000 people came to peacefully say
"Yes to autodetermination, no to intervention"

(Check Honduran newspapers here, here, here, and here for photos and stories,
here and here for videos, because it was NOT covered

by CNN or the international media which is here in Tegucigalpa now.)

Tegucigalpa, M.C.D. 23rd of September 2009. The Democratic Civic Union (CDU), convinced that the elections which will take place the coming 29th of November represent the consolidation of our democratic system and the solution to the current political crisis, proposes the following Citizens' Demand.

1. The UCD based upon the certainty of the current Electoral Process calls all citizens:

a. To become Guardians of Democracy to guaranty beyond any doubt before all and sundry the electoral outcome.

b. To do their duty and exercise their voting right to transform Honduras into a prosperous, just and fair nation.

2. The Presidential Candidates are aware of their historical responsibility and are urged:

a. To fulfill the citizens´ expectations, heeding their requests and making responsible proposals.

b. To use their leadership to motivate the population to a massive participation in the coming general elections.

3. The Supreme Electoral Tribunal which has the public recognition for its efficiency and trustworthiness, it is urged:

a. To continue asserting its independence and impartiality through permanent accountability to consolidate their credibility.

b. To make all required arrangements to allow national and international observers to verify the veracity of the electoral results.

4. With strong support for the activities contained in the law of the Public Ministry and the Judicial Power we request

a. To move expeditiously in prosecuting Electoral Fraud.

b. To act with all the rigor of the law against those who attempt against democracy by calling for abstention in the elections and other delinquent conduct adverse to the freedom to elect and be elected.

5. To the International Community, with our characteristic compliance with International Law, we urge:

a. To respect and to make others respect the principles of NO foreign intervention in the internal matters of our country and in the self-determination of our people.

b. To recognize the elected authorities through the civic celebration this coming 29th of November as a result of a legitimate electoral process in the totality of its stages.

For a free, prosperous and democratic Honduras.


CDU-Civic Democratic Union is a coalition representing a great majority of organizations, groups and associations of the Honduran Civil Society. In the name of the Civil Society, the CDU is the guardian of democracy and performs its permanent role of surveillance over the political, economic and social development of Honduras.

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