May 22, 2007

Where does this pizza go?

It's a-maze-ing that they can find the house

I happened to be the designated pizza traffic director in my colonia. Even El Jefe didn't know this. All three, Pizza Hut, Dominos, and Toto's, have requested assistance from La Gringa on various occasions.

Not that I'm good at giving directions. In fact, I get nervous and forget how to say things like "go down" this street x blocks, so I end talking in choppy phrases instead of complete sentences. It's just that, unless it is their pizza, no one else will come to their door. That's what the pizza guys tell me.

It's more like a game of charades, with me pointing (with my finger, not my chin) and driver guessing "Go left?," "Second house?" etc. It's fun, though. My vecinos (neighbors) don't even know that they have me to thank for getting their pizza while it's still hot.

I really can't imagine how pizza deliverers can possibly find homes in the larger colonias. For the most part, there are no street signs, no addresses, and the "yellow house in the middle of the block" usually only narrows it down to two or three possibilities and who knows if you are on the right block to start with. These guys have a hard job.

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