May 16, 2007

Aurelio Martinez

Aurelio Martinez, Garífuna SoulAurelio Martinez - Garífuna Soul

Aurelio Martinez is a Honduran musician of Garífuna descent. His video, Fiesta en Carnaval, with Yankee Col and La Vieja Escuela, was a semi-finalist for the official theme song of the La Ceiba Carnival. You can view it in my blogicito here.

A review of his latest CD, Garífuna Soul, from
"The sung Garífuna language sounds like nothing you've heard before. And for good reason. Garífuna is a unique creole mix of indigenous and African tongues. Several songs are set in clave rhythm, reflecting the Caribbean coastal Garífunas' intersection with Latin Central America. Half the songs are credited as "traditional." Martinez's international debut delivers a deeply satisfying and consistently superb set of songs that range from melancholy and langor to joyful uplift. --Afropop Worldwide"

You can also read more about Aurelio Martinez and listen to his music at Stonetree Records. Two of his CDs are available at ITunes and several videos from his concerts are on YouTube.

And for everything you ever wanted to know about Aurelio Martinez, check out this Google search. He has been touring the U.S. and there is still time to catch him in San Fransisco May 15-17, and Salt Lake City May 18-19.

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